Soul Feeder @ZDB – Lisboa 11 February 2023

7777 の天使 (PT)
7777 の天使 is the project composed of Swan Palace and DRVGジラ, where the grip of sculpted percussion comes as easy as it is complex. A wave of violent hits tears through but never imposes itself over the delicate harmonised vocals, drenched in almost weaponised auto-tune. These sounds are a call to the heart, no matter how loud and piercing the noise can get, like any song sung out of truth, it resonates with this world and perhaps the next.

Dakoi (PT)
Dakoi is a Dj/ Producer based in Lisbon. Her mixes are a search of loops that combine hardkicks, trance, drums with samples of raw high pitched voices, funk and reggaeton. The project creates a parallel 3D visual world that follows the character and her life experience, made by Filipa Combo. This one intends to create space to show the importance of self-confidence, self-esteem and positive sexual Lesbian representation. Her most recent project is “LÍBIDA”, a Lesbian/Queer Rave that focus and prioritize strong female presence on the dance floor. Dakoi says she works for the Women. “Let’s go Lesbians.”

DJ GHEPARD is a Berlin-based producer and DJ, running and curating the label and collective Soul Feeder. Combining the fast tempos of hardcore electronic music, EDM and nightcore with video-game-inspired sound design, in his works he brings to life a sonic experience at the intersection between soundscape, OST and club music, exploring the relationship between virtual-selves and non-conforming identities.

With his own series of events organised in many European capitals, DJ GHEPARD has played alongside some of the most cutting-edge artist of the underground electronic music scene, becoming well-known for his hi-energy DJ sets and iconic blends.

Nezpera (PT)
Nezpera is an audiovisual artist currently based in Lisbon. She has established herself as a videographer in the underground electronic music scene thanks to her cutting edge music videos and portraits. Glimpses of light and soft focus, her otherworldly and ethereal approach to existence will clear the dark of the night with her debut set of nostalgic ambient pop.

t0ni (IT/AU)
t0ni is an Italo-Australian electronic music producer, founder and artistic director of label, online magazine and art-collective Soul Feeder. His work as a producer under this moniker tries to convey raw emotions through straightforward melodies and loops reduced to the bone in search of a never truly identifiable minimalistic balance. Still in his 20s t0ni has already gained recognition in the underground experimental electronic music community thanks to his unique sound and eclectic DJ sets and live performances. With his own series of events organized all over Europe t0ni has shared the stage with some of the most influential artists of the experimental electronic music scene and has played a key role in bringing people together thanks to his Electronic avantgardepostingTM group. Spending many of his years living and performing in China t0ni has recently moved to Berlin and has taken part of the 2020 edition of CTM festival.

um6ra (UA)
“um6ra” is a (born in Ukraine and raised in Portugal) ukrainian/portuguese producer and performer. Despite living most of his life in Portugal, he writes his songs mainly in Russian in order to honor his origins, and feel more comfortable expressing emotion in the songs. Love, self-doubt and grindset are very predominant topics in his melodic journey.